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Collaboration is a key ingredient in achieving success. Math2shine is open to partnership and franchise opportunities with other organizations, schools and individuals, which can take the power of Vedic math to children and adults all over the globe. Some of the partnership opportunities available are as follows :

Use our learning platform for Vedic Math education

We have designed a state of the art learning platform. This learning platform can be used by other Vedic Math education providers globally. We can load their content on our system in a secure environment. Our Learning Platform will help them to demonstrate the value of Vedic Mathematics and help them run their operations better.

Use Our Learning Platform for general math and other subjects education

While Vedic Mathematics is the inspiration and focus of the Math2shine learning platform, our platform can be used with ease for general math and other subjects. The system can be very useful as a teaching aid for K-12 schools, higher education and tuition centers.

We provide multiple types of question papers, series such as automatic math problems, automatic word problems, multiple choice questions, true-false questions and subjective questions etc. The platform has inbuilt workflows for managing assessments and monitoring student progress. Please see our website for more details.

Be our Vedic Math Partner/Franchise

We welcome individuals and education providers with a strong interest in and capacity for math, to be our Franchisee. Our Franchisee would be trained by us in the Vedic Mathematics system and the learning platform and will be guided by us in delivering the Math2shine programme to students.