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Welcome to Math2shine

We believe that every child can shine in Math

Math2shine is an initiative to simplify and make the mind work naturally when practicing and learning mathematics. We have developed a strong technology enabled learning platform to ensure that children enjoy our program and its teaching methodology. The achievements and progress of the children are visible to the students, parents and teachers in real time.

Our program is suitable for all age groups and this learning will contribute to the lifelong success of our students.

Founder, Lokesh Tayal

Improvement Scope

Math Sense

Methods of Speed Math are aligned with the natural way of thinking and provide the most effective way of learning mental Math.


Our students are 5 to 15 times faster than the conventional system. We have the results to demonstrate it. We have the results to demonstrate it.


Speed Math helps in improving the accuracy of problem solving. Vedic Math has checking devices to confirm the accuracy of the answer.

Interest and Focus

Our modern learning platform increases interest in Mathematics. A learner or a tutor is able to identify precisely the area of strength and weakness in terms of speed and accuracy.

Our Offerings

Speed Mathematics

Math2Shine is the first initiative of its kind to offer Speed Mathematics worksheets. Speed Mathematics, also known as Vedic Mathematics, is an ancient Mathematics system of India. This system was rediscovered just half a century ago by Indian Scholar Sri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji. Speed Mathematics enables one to naturally and effortlessly work with numbers at a much higher speed. Its methods are flexible and provide a tremendous scope for creativity. Speed Math offers multiple ways of computation depending upon an intuitive understanding of numbers (which comes with practice). This flexibility boosts ones creativity during problem solving.

School Mathematics

The Math2Shine learning platform also offers general Mathematics. The system can be extremely useful as a teaching aid for K-12 schools, higher education and tuition centres. Math2Shine provides users with several types of questions beginning from Kindergarten 1. Math2Shine offers series such as automatic math problems, automatic word problems, and multiple choice questions, true or false questions and so on. The Math2Shine platform has inbuilt workflows to sufficiently manage and monitor the assessments and progress of students.

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About Math2Shine

Math2Shine is a venture launched by Singapore based Learning Analytic Pte Ltd. The vision of the company is to spread the power of Vedic Mathematics globally leveraging its partner network, simplifying the process and making it the natural way to solve problems or sums. We have developed an education technology platform that provides teaching material on Vedic Mathematics as well as online intelligent worksheets and associated processes to assist students to achieve success.


Our current batch of students have demonstrated strong results in mental calculation, improved in their logical reasoning and increased their speed and accuracy in processing information, ultimately enhancing their understanding of mathematics. A solid math foundation build through mastering Vedic Mathematics concepts contributes to academic and competitive exams success. It is a skill that will last for the whole life with application each day.

Learning Platform

Students, parents and teachers use their own logins on mobile devices and laptop computers. Students attend the classes and practice worksheets online. Attempted worksheets and rough work are auto assessed. Through this learning platform, we have immediate insight into each student's strengths and weakness in terms of concepts, accuracy and speed. This helps in directing our focus on the right skill development.