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Math2Shine is an initiative to objectively prove that Vedic Mathematics is a far superior method of Mathematics than the current system being followed. A child who register on Math2Shine receives his login credentials and attempts the online worksheets. All the data is subsequently analyzed from all dimensions. Parents and Teachers know strong and weak skills, work habits and practice patterns. Math2Shine is especially useful for working parents who are away from home. As and when the child solves a worksheet, it is automatically assessed and an email is sent to parents.

We have researched and mastered Vedic Mathematics for long period. We understand the logic and science of it's working.

We use a sophisticated learning platform that was developed after extensive research over a span of two years. Children love our learning platform. This platform improves overall productivity of student, parents and teachers significantly.

Promoters of math2Shine venture are from IIT and Carnegie Mellon University. They are highly successful individuals with over 20 years of corporate work experience in some of the largest global MNCs. They are launching this initiative for achieving satisfaction of brining the hidden natural math strategies of vedas and promoting Vedic Mathematics because of it's meaningful value.

They believe that Vedic Mathematics through Math2Shine platform will provide a great value in shaping the lives of our children. They devoted immense effort in developing the Math2Shine Learning technology platform to showcase the value of Vedic Mathematics through data.

Math2Shine is focused on spreading Vedic Mathematics to all people irrespective of country, language, race, religion and economic status. We charge fee for our classes to manage our expense and improve our platform.

We would offer selected scholarships to deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our promoters are of Indian origin. They have lived in Singapore and US for long period and are the citizens of these countries. They have deeply analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of current math education. They launched the program for the global community. They consider Vedic Mathematics as a system of Mathematics, a universal language and it's learning would be useful to people of all the countries.

Math2Shine portal is accessed on internet using all browsers. It is also available as iOS and Android App.

Parents will get a 360 degree view of their children's progress . Parents would learn about the practice habits of children, time spent practicing, their strong and weak areas in terms of speed and accuracy and the trend of their progress on specific learning topics. Our platform informs the parents immediately of their child's performance via email as and when the worksheet is attempted by the child.

Vedic Mathematics provides an original, unconventional and innovative approach to Maths. It sets a foundation of mental calculations. It is easy, simple and straightforward with no ambiguity.

Today's Math requires immense effort in learning and internalizing. Vedic Maths being most natural way of working can be learnt and mastered with little effort and in relatively short time.

Vedic Maths methods are boon for all competitions. It provides a system for checking the calculations and getting the correct results.

The Vedic system is natural, systematic, simplified and unified than the conventional system. The methods are simple, targeted and easy to understand. Vedic Mathematics provides several choices of methods to solve a problem, encourages lateral thinking and leads to high level of confidence and self-esteem among the students.

Vedic Mathematics foundation is based on a deep understanding of the working of human mind. Vedic Mathematics computation follows the way mind think and works. An example : Mind always reads numbers from Left to Right. We say thousands, than hundreds followed by units. However, all calculations like addition, subtraction and multiplication in the conventional system are done from right to left. In the conventional system, one finds a conflict between the thinking of mind and the order of a basic math operation. This is the precise reason that children find difficult to speak calculations mentally. They generally need a paper and pencil.

Vedic Mathematics follows a flexible system. Calculation can be performed in the natural system of Left to Right computation flow as well as in the conventional system of Right to Left flow. This natural thinking aligned with working of mind increases the speed and joy of a Vedic Mathematics learner.

Vedic Mathematics methods provide flexibility in computing. The focus on problem solving and logic would have the same focus as conventional mathematics. Our learners have extraordinary number and mathematical sense. They feel the real meaning of a math problem before even attempting it.

In nutshell, Vedic Mathematics system would actually complement the school system.

Yes, Vedic Mathematics improves math interest. Our learners develop tremendous creativity. They enjoy doing a big sum just by looking at it. Their ability often looks magical.

A child with Vedic Mathematics skills would have more math confidence and would do math calculations with improved speed and accuracy. The child's mind would unconsciously try to find meaning in numbers or algebra equations. This helps in overall problem solving.

Vedic Mathematics is a complete system of Mathematics. It's direct application in arithmetic and basic algebra is of great use to the school children. We are focusing our efforts on imparting arithmetic and algebra knowledge to our learners. Global Researchers have used Vedic Mathematics for advance mathematical concepts such as solving astronomical problems, matrices, calculus, trigonometry and geometry etc.

There is hardly any research and fresh thinking provided in elementary mathematics in last several hundred years except the use of natural system of Vedic Mathematics.

Conventional Mathematics is based on logical reasoning. There is generally a single method to solve a problem irrespective of the kind of numbers appearing in mathematics problems.

Vedic Mathematics encourages Math creativity. A child would see the math sums, feel the number and the mind will tell the strategy and answer will come. It just happens in a flash of seconds. For example : 1005 X 1110 will be answered in less than 10 seconds without any hard work in Vedic Mathematics. Vedic Mathematics offers a fresh creativity.

Abacus is a Chinese system of doing calculations using a tool containing beads. Vedic Mathematics is a system of Indian origin derived from Vedas. It simplifies Mathematics by aligning it with the working of the mind.

Abacus has it's own usefulness. It helps in doing arithmetic calculations faster but a learner need to master the tool. Abacus does not help in learning concepts such as compound calculations, squaring, cubing, fractions, divisibility, algebra etc.

Unlike Abacus, Vedic Mathematics offers multiple ways to perform the same calculations unlike fixed ways to perform calculations in Abacus system. Vedic Mathematics also offers the tools such as "Digit Sum Method" etc to confirm the correctness of your answer.

Practice is important in almost all the areas of study and it helps in achieving mastery over a subject. Our focus is on Math practice with a sound foundation of number sense and understanding of Math concepts . Vedic Mathematics believes in conceptual clarity and understanding. We have developed a practice platform. Math2Shine platform provides a quick, smart, intelligent and effective practice platform.

In the conventional math system, Students may develop Mathematics skills only by practice but it takes a lot of time. They may not be fully aware of the right math strategies by which the answer flashes in their mind just by looking at the numbers.

Vedic Mathematics offers the concept of digit sum in checking the calculations. It helps review answers with ease. Checking methods are not available in conventional mathematics. There are other strategies such as "First by the First and Last by the Last" which helps in confirming the correctness of your answer.

Vedic Mathematics can be taught to the children as young as four years old. We have designed specific worksheets for them. In our regular classes, we generally prefer children who are six years or older and can do single digit additions. Vedic Mathematics learning for children helps in removing the math phobia. It helps create math interest and achieve excellence in exams.

Many older students learn Vedic Mathematics for it's usefulness in achieving high computation speed and improved number sense. These skills are useful for them in achieving high scores in competitive examination such as SAT, GMAT and GRE etc.

Vedic Mathematics is very useful for adults and working professionals whose work demands number crunching. Many adults find that Vedic Mathematics brings a fresh approach to mathematics.

For enrolling your child in a Singapore class, please contact us by email or phone to know the class locations. Subsequently you would register in the system and system would be sending automatically sending you a user name and password for the student and parents.

For other countries, we are in the process of appointing our franchise partners and you can contact them as well. If there are no franchise in your country, please contact us and you can enroll for an online class.

In Singapore, our classes are currently conducted by in rented class rooms at various locations. If you would like us to conduct Vedic Mathematics classes at your location, please contact us.

Children over 6 years of age would benefit by enrolling in our physical instructor led classes.

We would be happy to share our learning platform with all the children including those as young as three years old. Parents can use our system to guide their children in picking basic math operations. Parents would be able to automatically know if their child needs to move to a challenging skill. Parents would find Math2Shine platform interesting for their children as they would know their child's work habits, strong and weak skill areas etc.

We are keen to cover entire Singapore and make it convenient for the people to learn Vedic Mathematics in their vicinity without major transport hassles.

Deep knowledge of Vedic Mathematics is very scarce at this time. We hope that this knowledge will improve over time. Our online classes help the global community to learn the skills using the virtual learning platform. Learner would be using a web conference based learning methodology.

We suggest that you express your interest for an Online class. We would be keen to setup a partner in your country and you can also learn from them.

If there is a significant interest in your country, we can come and conduct a workshop. We can train teachers in your country and they can teach Vedic Mathematics to children in your country. We advise you to refer the Partnership section of this website.

Please fill out on line contact us form and we would get back to you.

The school gets the visibility as the students are confident in mathematics and they start sharing the important activities done with other students. The students excel in the competitive exams like NTSE, math Olympiad etc. The school results drastically improve.
Solves a problem (Mathematical or real life)quickly and effectively with smile.
Understands a problem very well.
Prepared for life.
Very strong in mathematical concepts.
Can think critically, logically and also laterally.
Excellent Analytical abilities.
Always ahead A leader.
Yes, Following are the important aspects identified to excel in any examination. Speed and Accuracy: The programme helps the students to solve the problems 10 to 15 times faster. Analytical Ability:It develops the Analytical thinking in the students. Lateral Thinking: This is one of main aspects of the programme where students are trained to think laterally. Critical Thinking: The critical thinking ability is automatically developed by this programme Reasoning:Being the main component of this programme, this skill becomes part of the student's life!
There are 7 levels all together. Each level is of one year duration. Foundation programme:Compulsory for all the students irrespective of the grades they are studying in. The basic skills like critical thinking, reasoning, analytical abilities, lateral thinking etc. will be developed. Basic Arithmetic and algebraic operations are learned. Level 1 to 6: According to their grades. Here their textual contents are learned as per their syllabus.
Each level is of 8 to 10 sessions of 1 and half hours.
Assessment is done after completion of every level. Both concept clarity and speed are tested.
Trained and HNA certified professionals are going to conduct the classes.
Trained and HNA Certified Professionals are going to conduct the classes.
Yes, district, state, national and international level competitions are held once in a year?
A consolidated fee of Rs. 1000/-(one thousand only) per Student, per level. This fee includes the cost of specially designed programme material.

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