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Vedic Math is a delightful learning for children and adults. It helps in developing Math interest in children and helps them to improve accuracy , speed, sharpen focus and mental faculties. It enables the children to adopt creative math problem solving strategies.

Some of the benefits of practicing Vedic Math are as follows:

  • Learn strategies that make "Math An Art". As children enjoy Art so they enjoy Math.
  • Speed and accuracy level of numerical computation becomes high.
  • Follows the ideal natural system of mental math. As the mind thinks, recognises and articulates numbers from    Left to Right, so we do computation from Left to Right.
  • Supplemental to current system of school math.
  • Helps in achieving academic success.
  • Vedic Math strategies are useful throughout the life.
  • Helps in developing Math intuition. A student sees the question and the answer flashes in the mind in seconds.
  • Vedic Math learning covers not only cover basic numeracy skills but also advanced math topics.

Math2Shine has refined Vedic Mathematics knowledge with its own research. The research has helped us to further simplify the methods. Following are some of the benefits of Math2Shine.

It is a project born out of the passion to empower all children with this unique knowledge.

The Math2Shine programme uses a unique learning platform for online electronic worksheet practice. The platform is designed to capture and automatically analyze the following:

  • Speed.
  • Accuracy.
  • Areas of strength.
  • Areas for improvement.
  • Practice time and habit.
  • Math scratch work analysis to check and correct the thinking pattern.

Math2Shine provides a comprehensive Dashboard consisting of system graphs and reports. These reports and graphs are available to students, teachers and parents through their separate logins - creating a collaborative learning environment.