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Info! Here is Default Unify Buttons.
Button class=""
btn-u btn-u-blue
btn-u btn-u-red
btn-u btn-u-orange
btn-u btn-u-sea
btn-u btn-u-green
btn-u btn-u-yellow
btn-u btn-u-default
btn-u btn-u-dark
btn-u btn-u-purple
btn-u btn-u-aqua
btn-u btn-u-brown
btn-u btn-u-dark-blue
btn-u btn-u-light-green
Heads up! Here is default Bootstrap buttons.
Button class="" Description
btn btn-default Standard gray button with gradient
btn btn-primary Provides extra visual weight and identifies the primary action in a set of buttons
btn btn-info Used as an alternative to the default styles
btn btn-success Indicates a successful or positive action
btn btn-warning Indicates caution should be taken with this action
btn btn-danger Indicates a dangerous or potentially negative action
btn btn-link Deemphasize a button by making it look like a link while maintaining button behavior

Button Icons

Outline Buttons

Button Sizes

Fancy larger or smaller buttons? Add .btn-lg, .btn-sm, or .btn-xs for additional sizes.

Create block level buttons—those that span the full width of a parent— by adding .btn-block.

Disabled State

- Add the .disabled class to a buttons.

- Add the disabled attribute to button buttons.

Rounded Buttons

- Some rounded buttons examples. Add a class .rounded to buttons

- Moreover, you can add more rounded classes such as .rounded, .rounded-2x, .rounded-3x and .rounded-4x to buttons

Dropdown Buttons

- Unify split button dropdowns with icons

For Unify Split button dropdowns you should add a class btn-u-split-*

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