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About School Mathematics

The Math2Shine learning platform can be used for general mathematics. The system can be extremely useful as a teaching aid for K-12 schools, higher education and tuition centres.

Math2Shine provides users with several types of questions beginning from Kindergarten 1. Math2Shine offers series such as automatic math problems, automatic word problems, multiple choice questions, true or false questions and so on. The Math2Shine platform has inbuilt workflows to sufficiently manage and monitor the assessments and progress of students.

The Math2Shine platform can analyse more data than an individual instructor. Schools/teachers/tutors will have relevant and accurate information and will also be in a position to offer timely guidance to all students. In some cases, the weaknesses of a few students may go unnoticed. Thus, the Math2Shine platform provides all the data about every student, leaving no opportunity for anything to be overlooked.

The Math2Shine platform enables students and instructors to better understand the learning process and take the necessary actions to improve outcomes.

For more information, please download our guides for each level to better understand the resources we offer.