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We have developed a state of the art learning platform that provides a collaborative learning environment between students, parents and teachers Our electronic books and worksheets are available online to students through their individual logins. Our question creation engine is based on extensive research. Its unique structure helps the student to practice a particular topic as many times as he wants with new problems created each time.

We track all learning parameters when a student solves the worksheets. Our learning platform helps the teacher personalize the student's learning. All worksheets and work history are automatically indexed and stored for student, parent and teacher reviews. We even store the rough notes/scribbling of a student while they attempt worksheets. Our system automatically assesses the worksheets, thus providing teachers with the flexibility to give his/her feedback to each student.

Our analytical reports helps students, teachers and parents to identify the concepts where a student is strong or requires improvement. Our reports also provides improvement trends and work habits of students and guides them on the path to improvement and success.

Our application can be accessed through mobiles, tablets and laptop computer devices as well as through iOS and Android Apps. Our unique model saves paper and it is environment friendly.