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About Speed Mathematics

Speed Mathematics, also known as Vedic Mathematics, is an ancient Mathematics system of India. This system was rediscovered just half a century ago by Indian Scholar Sri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji.

Speed Mathematics enables a learning to naturally and effortlessly work with numbers at a much higher speed. Its methods are flexible and provide a tremendous scope for creativity. Speed Math offers multiple ways of computation depending upon an intuitive understanding of numbers (which comes with practice). This flexibility boosts ones creativity during problem solving.

A student who has learnt and practices Speed Math can obtain an intuitive sense of the numbers in a problem and apply the appropriate method to solve the problem efficiently. Computations through Speed Math take a shorter time, quite often in seconds.

The joy and ease of solving problems and sums kindle a new Math interest and also sets a solid foundation for higher level Math. Speed Math also provides a solid foundation for mental Math. It improves Math efficiency and analytical ability not only in children but also in young adults.

The benefits one reaps from learning this system is tremendous. This learning is not only useful in academics but also throughout life. Mathematical thinking of a Speed Math learner will be natural with little dependence on a calculator.