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About Math2Shine

Math2Shine is an education initiative that was developed by Singapore based Learning Analytic Pte. Ltd to revolutionize learning. It offers School Mathematics and Speed Mathematics on an intuitive software driven learning platform. It intends to provide a Math education in all countries directly and through a partner network.

Math2Shine has researched the education processes and developed an educational technology platform to enables a fun and joyful learning experience. Its learning platform provides online books, worksheets and games for classroom and home education. Its powerful technology engine and algorithms tracks all the learning parameters of the user. It gives visibility to the user's strengths and weaknesses and recommends topics to practice.

The algorithms utilized by Math2Shine tracks the user's speed, accuracy, strengths, weaknesses and practice habits. It allows the education to be personalized and systematic.

Furthermore, unlike fixed worksheets, Math2Shine's online worksheets generates new questions each time it is attempted. The platform provides role based logins to students, teachers and parents.

Our Offerings

Speed Mathematics

Math2Shine is the first initiative of its kind to offer Speed Mathematics worksheets. Speed Mathematics, also known as Vedic Mathematics, is an ancient Mathematics system of India. This system was rediscovered just half a century ago by Indian Scholar Sri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji. Speed Mathematics enables one to naturally and effortlessly work with numbers at a much higher speed. Its methods are flexible and provide a tremendous scope for creativity. Speed Math offers multiple ways of computation depending upon an intuitive understanding of numbers (which comes with practice). This flexibility boosts ones creativity during problem solving.

School Mathematics

The Math2Shine learning platform also offers general Mathematics. The system can be extremely useful as a teaching aid for K-12 schools, higher education and tuition centres. Math2Shine provides users with several types of questions beginning from Kindergarten 1. Math2Shine offers series such as automatic math problems, automatic word problems, and multiple choice questions, true or false questions and so on. The Math2Shine platform has inbuilt workflows to sufficiently manage and monitor the assessments and progress of students.